Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine's Day Weekend

Friday the 13th we went to the library. I had to get a picture of Gabe on this golden lion statue. He visits it every time we go to the library. We also got the book "The Miraculous Adventure of Edward Tulane" it was SUCH a good read aloud story for Gabe. I loved it and he did too. A bit of it went over his head but it was so good. 

That evening Devin and I were supposed to go out for a date night but both boys were sick and they were going to a house with other kids so we couldn't take them and so we stayed home as a family for the evening. We got some cheap skirt steak and made delicious fajitas to eat. 

Gabe mostly ate beans and guacamole which is no surprise and we undercooked the steak just a touch. But it was pretty good. Next time I need to marinate it for longer. 

Calvin joined us at the table in his bumbo. He was our cupid with his nakey self.

Annie set the table with cute Valentine's decor. We got some queso fresco which was a first but it was a yummy change. With grilled peppers it tasted pretty close to the Torchy's beef fajita tacos that we love so much!

Not our prettiest picture but we like each other okay. :)

The next day we went to the lake with the Beagleys. We brought stuff to grill hamburgers and play in the sandy beach.  Devin had been crazy with practice court that week and had only seen the boys around 6 am in the morning if they woke up before he left for school so it was a nice break to go to the lake.

Gabe had a pretty good time but got sick of taking pictures. 

Calvie was about the cutest valentine I'd ever seen. That double chin about kills me.

Gabe was really proud of his "reindeer" sand castle that he made. 

 He had a pretty great time playing along the beach. For being February the weather was perfect. It was in the high 70s and absolutely lovely. 

 This baby wore shorts for the first time this spring-ish season and his rolls are out of control and about the cutest thing I've ever seen. 

Gabe has already requested many more visits to the beach this summer.

On Sunday we took pictures

And after church we made Mr. Potato head with the new (to us) light bright we got at a garage sale!

It was a great weekend!


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