Thursday, July 12, 2012

This year Devin and I spent our sixth anniversary by going to dinner and a movie. Original right? We mostly just spent the whole night wishing that Arizona wasn't so hot and thinking back to our fifth anniversary when we were in Oregon sans sweatstache.  We went to eat at a place called Zinburger, shopped for Julia's birthday present, and then went to see the Avengers. 

The next week we kept busy. We had Annie's seminary graduation and high school graduation. For seminary graduation, Annie graduated with Kimball stake and we got a picture of her with all of her Lyn Rae friends. 

Emily and Julia were working and couldn't come but the rest of us did. Amanda even wrangled her 4 kids so she could come and see Ms. Annie.


Two days later we had real graduation. We were a little rushed getting her ready and over to MHS so this is the best picture I took before she graduated.

We made lots of signs for her that mostly just sat on the ground because we go there too late to sit close enough for Annie to see them. 

We started our this summer by swimming a lot. Gabe loves to swim.

Now we only slave over Julia's wedding. It is so much fun... but I am pretty sure by the end of it my finger prints will be non-existent from the number of times I have burned myself from hot glue. 


HooHoo said...

Love this update for the non-facebook users. Thank you. You are amazing! All of the announcements must be out--we got ours and it is beautiful (painstaking hours to put each one together, no doubt). Hope to see you all in a couple of weeks.

Cluff Family said...

You are a great Mom and an amazing sister. I really admire you and Devin in how well you support each other, your sisters and make it look so fun in the process.

Humaun Kabir said...
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