Saturday, July 14, 2012

Birthday Fun

For my birthday this year we decided to go to Sunsplash Lite or the Mesquite Grove Aquatic Center. All morning it looked like dark clouds were headed in and it rained off and on so it was the perfect day to go since we knew it wouldn't be crowded. All of the sisters and kids came to play. 

We played for a long time and the decided to go home and give our kids and ourselves naps so that we could rest up for Joe's farm grill that evening. Emily and Julia came prepared for Joe's with fry-sauce in tow.

Gabe was really excited for life. In his defense he had just woken up from a two and a half hour nap.

We hardly recognized Eden because in the middle of our festivites she went and cut off her long and luxurious hair to donate to locks of love.

After dinner, Devin and I went and saw The Amazing Spiderman. It was a very good birthday with lots of love from family and friends. And per usual it will turn into birth week since Emily is taking me out tonight and our family will have dinner on Sunday. My family is the best.

Just for funsies- I was looking through our pictures to upload these and found our pictures from my last birthday. Here we are at Joe's eating. I am pregnant and sweaty.


Cluff Family said...

I think your birthday looks like it was lots of fun. I want to spend my birthday at the Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Farm. Way to go on all of the wedding details. So far, so good!

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